Investment Banking Services
Focused on Middle Market Clients

Investment Banking Services
Focused on Middle Market Clients


Contemplating the decision to sell your business is the most difficult decision you will make as a business owner. The impact of selling a business will be felt by you, your family, and your employees. Your business can be the cornerstone of your identity, wealth, and livelihood.

Selling a business is unfamiliar territory for most business owners, and most will only sell a business once. The outcome of the transaction will affect your life financially as well as emotionally, so it’s important to select an experienced and trusted advisor to guide you through every step of the process. Piedmont M&A Advisors can help you navigate the emotional journey of selling your business and help everyone who depends on your business adapt to the significant life changing event.

What if you could have peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision every step of the way? What if you had an experienced team by your side to help you navigate the emotional journey of selling your business? What if you could achieve your biggest goals and lifetime dreams with a transaction?

You can, with Piedmont M&A as your guide.

"They will be your biggest advocates from start to finish."

"Mike's process was deliberate and methodical, and his approach to problem solving delivered results. From the beginning, he was accessible and always put the client first; as a result, we developed a mutual trust that continues to this day."

-Bob Shaver, CEO, Unique Logistics International (ATL) LLC
"I needed someone I could trust. Mike eagerly and successfully completed the transaction; meeting my expectations in both price and terms. I would strongly recommend Mike to others who need a highly qualified investment banker."

-Ivan Samuels, Former CEO of The Eye Gallery
“Mike’s responsiveness, deep industry knowledge and relentless determination to keep all parties focused on the transaction are skills that have been critical to getting deals done and delivering outstanding results for his clients.”

-Sheldon E. Friedman, Attorney at Law, Friedman, Dever & Merlin, LLC

Why Work with Piedmont M&A Advisors?

why work with piedmont


Our senior banking professionals have led and owned privately-held businesses and their experience in investment banking, commercial banking, valuation, and consulting have provided them with a thorough understanding of multiple sides of the transaction. Our members have researched, sourced, evaluated, structured, and negotiated over 100 transactions totaling approximately $350 million in value.

why work with piedmont


We have established relationships dating back 30-40 years across the country with attorneys, CPA’s, bankers and private equity firms that allow us to provide additional technical depth to our clients.

why work with piedmont


We guarantee close interaction from experienced and trusted advisors with around the clock availability to coach you through the entire transaction.

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