About Us

M&A Advisory with a Client Focus

We are a boutique investment banking firm specializing in buy-side and sell-side transactions for businesses with revenues between $10 million and $200 million. We also provide capital raising and strategic advisory services.

By being a boutique investment bank, we are able to offer middle market businesses the quality of advice and level of attention from senior bankers you deserve.

Our compensation is cost effective and tailored to suit middle market business owners.

Why Work With Piedmont M&A Advisors?

Piedmont M&A Advisors assists business owners, their families, and their employees with closing a chapter and beginning a new one. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients early-on when a transaction is being considered and visible on the horizon.

Whether you intend to sell your company in one year or five years down the road, we want to create a relationship with you today to help you address the necessary steps that need to be made today to maximize the value of your business. Our approach helps owners maximize the return they receive from their life’s work when it is time to sell.

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