Testimonials & Case Studies

“Twenty years after establishing my business, I needed someone I could trust when I decided to sell. I met Mike through my attorney and quickly realized he understood our objectives and would be dedicated throughout the entire process. Mike eagerly and successfully completed the transaction; meeting my expectations in both price and terms. I would strongly recommend Mike Bloom to others who need a highly qualified investment banker.”
Ivan Samuels, Former CEO of The Eye Gallery

“Mike’s responsiveness, deep industry knowledge and relentless determination to keep all parties focused on the transaction are skills that have been critical to getting deals done and delivering outstanding results for his clients.”
Sheldon E. Friedman, Attorney at Law, Friedman, Dever & Merlin, LLC

“Mike’s process was deliberate and methodical, and his approach to problem solving delivered results. From the beginning, he was accessible and always put the client first; as a result, we developed a mutual trust that continues to this day.”
Bob Shaver, CEO, Unique Logistics International (ATL) LLC

Case Study #1

After the death of their spouse, our client inherited a distribution business that they did not initially intend to lead. Our client was an entrepreneur by default, so they utilized the knowledge they learned from being on their spouse’s team and led the business for many years.

Several years later, our client had no further desire to grow the business and made the decision to place the business for sale on the market. After their initial investment banker was unable to help them, we received a call from their attorney to help them sell their business.

Our client was very sensitive to their competition in Georgia gaining knowledge of their business and its pending sale, so we were asked to begin the sell-side engagement with out-of-state businesses within our client’s industry.

Our Action
Following the terms of our agreement, the restrictive search parameters resulted in a non-competitive bidding process that was not helping our client. Consequently, we requested permission to expand the list of potential purchasers. We assured our client that we would run a controlled and confidential bidding process and gained permission to do so.

We expanded our search of prospective purchasers within the state of Georgia and later expanded the search to include potential purchasers within the contiguous counties and ultimately sold to a purchaser much closer to the seller’s headquarters. The sell-side process was extended by at least one year; however, confidentiality, which was the top priority of our client, was preserved, multiple offers were received, and the final purchase price exceeded their expectations.

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