Buy-Side Advisory

We offer buy-side advisory services to corporate acquirers pursuing growth through acquisitions, to existing management teams with the purchase of an existing business they manage, and private equity firms seeking to leverage our connections and industry expertise to identify add-on opportunities for their platform companies.

The Buy-Side Process

Through our buy-side process, we help business owners identify companies that fit their acquisition strategy and have a high likelihood of generating an acceptable rate of return.

Develop Acquisition Strategy
Conduct several meetings with client to review and refine their acquisition strategy, ideal target profile, and transaction objectives.

Identify Potential Targets
Identify potential acquisition targets by exploiting your knowledge of the market, conducting our own industry and market research, and leveraging professional relationships to locate and evaluate potential targets based on your investment criteria.

Rank Potential Targets
Deliver initial list of potential targets to you for you to review and evaluate. Provide you with discretion to eliminate certain targets from consideration or prioritize others.

Create & Distribute Marketing Documents
Create the investment teaser that highlights the investment profile of your business.

Engage in Discussions with Target Companies
Facilitate discussions with decision makers of target companies. Communicate with decision makers by phone, email, and through in-person meetings to gather information about target’s business operations, financial performance, and transaction timeline.

Establish Preliminary Valuation of Potential Target
Develop revenue and cost synergy estimates to identify the strategic value of the target company.

Submit Purchase Offers
Indicate interest to acquire target through Indication of Interest (IOI). Collaborate with client and their attorney to draft and submit the Letter of Intent (LOI), which outlines the transaction terms and purchase price.

Conduct Due Diligence
After LOI is executed, Confirm material financial and legal representations made by the target company.

Secure Financing
Locate appropriate capital sources to help you demonstrate ability to finance transaction with target.

Negotiate Purchase Agreement
While the major transaction terms are already agreed upon at this stage of the transaction, finer points like working capital levels, and any covenants or indemnifications will be negotiated at this stage.

Close Transaction
Sign appropriate documentation, receive transfer of funds, consummate the transaction.

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